Immune System and Cancer


Much like infectious agents, tumor cells express specific antigens that differentiate them from normal cells1:

  • T cells can recognize and destroy cells displaying tumor antigens1
  • B cells drive the production of antibodies directed against tumor antigens1,2

T cell infiltration within tumors is associated with overall survival (OS)
in patients with different cancers.3-4

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Immunotherapy Fights Cancer

The Immune System and Cancer Pathogenesis – Fight Cancer with Immunotherapy

Tumors Can Evade and Overwhelm the Immune System1

Cancer can inhibit the immune system.

Cancers inhibit the normal immune response through a variety of mechanisms, enabling malignant cells to grow and spread.1,6 Patients with a compromised immune system may have an increased incidence of cancer and are more likely to develop malignant tumors. 7-10

There is a dynamic relationship between a patient's immune system and tumor cells. Normally, the immune system is capable of eliminating tumor cells.

However, the more compromised or suppressed a patient's immune system is, the more likely it
is that tumor cells will use evasive techniques to avoid the immune system.11

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